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What is your turnaround time?

It will take from four to six weeks from the time I receive
your Crown Royal bags and deposit for me to complete your
Crown Royal Quilt. Before Christmas, it can take a little longer.

If I send extra Crown Royal bags, do I get
them back?

If you send a couple of extra bags and would like them back,
let me know and I will return them when I mail your quilt.

What if I don't have enough bags for the size
quilt I would like?

If you don't have enough bags, contact me and I will help you
find more.

How do I order a Crown Royal quilt?

Just click on the Order Form link and print the form and fill it
out completely. Send the order form along with your Crown
Royal bags and your $100 deposit to the address shown on
the order form. When I receive your bags, I will email you to
let you know they have arrived.

I live in the Houston area. Can I just bring
my bags to you rather than shipping them?

Yes. I often meet with clients in my studio. Just call or email
me to schedule an appointment.

Do you make Crown Royal Quilts in a
different design?

Not at this time. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with a
pattern that I would enjoy sewing and I am pleased with the
end result. I also do not make Crown Royal quilts with just the
bags and no fabric in between. It is actually more difficult and
time consuming to make and I personally do not like the final

Do you sell your Crown Royal Quilt pattern?

No, I do not. I don't have an official pattern, but a lot of notes
that are probably not real legible to anyone but myself.